Thursday, March 19, 2015

Apache Marriage Blessing - Update 1

I started this on March 9, 2015, immediately after completing the Bone Cheeks project. This is one of those projects where I already know exactly ho is receiving it. This is a future wedding present for some very good friends of mine. They already know it is coming, so posting updates of the progress is not going to ruin any surprises.

This is a DesignWorks Project, by Janlynn. Sandy Orton designed it for Kooler Design Studios. This is a kit, and it came with the cream colored 14-count Aida, cotton floss according to DMC colors, and yet another needle for me to break eventually.

This project, like the Pelican before it, will travel with me to Las Vegas in April. There is no way I will finish it in a month's time.